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Quibble in May

Antoine Musso-3

[Quibble] is the new test runner for MediaWiki, this mail is to give an
update of what happened during May.

Željko Filipin wrote a blog post "Run Selenium tests using Quibble and
Docker":  https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/J100

Since the [Last update] Quibble version went from 0.0.11 to 0.0.17:

Use Sphinx to generate documentation and publish it online [Antoine]

Composer timeout bumped to 900 seconds. PHP CodeSniffer against the
entirety of mediawiki/core takes a while under HHVM. [Kunal Mehta]

Process git submodules in extensions and skins [Antoine]

HHVM now serves .svg files with Content-Type: image/svg+xml [Antoine]

Support for posgres as a database backend. You will need postgres and
pg_virtualenv installed then pass --db=postgres. [Kunal Mehta]

Option --skip to skip one or more test commands. [Kunal Mehta]

Properly pass environment variables to all setup and test commands.
Notably MW_INSTALL_PATH and MW_LOG_DIR were missing which caused some
extensions to fail.  The Jenkins job now properly capture all logs [Antoine]

How you can help:

The documentation can use tutorials for various use cases. It is in
integration/quibble.git in the doc/source directory.  You should be able
to generate it by simply running:

  tox -e doc
  <your web browser> doc/build/index.html

Any support or question you might have are most welcome as a Phabricator

I have migrated MediaWiki and a lot of extensions to use the Quibble
jobs. There are still 229 mediawiki extensions not migrated yet. A test
report is build daily by Jenkins:


Tests "test_mediawiki_repos_use_quibble" represent extension not
migrated yet. https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T183512 is the huge
tracking task.

Make MediaWiki tests passing with Postgres!

[T195807] Fix failing MediaWiki core tests on Postgres database backend

Huge thanks to Kunal Mehta, Timo Tijhof, Adam Wight, Željko Filipin and
Stephen Niedzielski.

That is all for May 2018.

[Last update]

This mail will be posted at https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/J107

Antoine "hashar" Musso

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