RDFIO 2.2.0 released

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RDFIO 2.2.0 released

Samuel Lampa-4
We just released v2.2.0 [1] of the RDFIO [2] SMW extension.

The new version brings a new maintenance script called exportRdf.php,
which allows to export RDF data from the wiki in batch mode. A dedicated
flag, --origuris, translates URI:s to their "original ones" (used when
importing) via the Equivalent URI SMW property.This script is used in a
new system test to test a full import/export round-trip as part of our
continuous integration suite.

The release also brings numerous bug fixes and stability improvements.
Too many to mention here. As a summary, we can mention that our quality
score on Code Climate (static code analysis service) went up from 2.6 to
3.75 (of 4.0 max) [3].

We also made progress in automated testing:

- The coverage of unit tests increased from 8% to 26% (don't laugh, we
just recently got started with CI :P )
- We have now in total 3 system tests, including the new import/export
round-trip one.

The RDFIO vagrant box (automated virtual machine installation) is also
updated [4].

Unfortunately we still haven't found time to get SMW 2.5.0 support
working, but that should be a good next step, and perhaps easier now
with a cleaner and leaner code base.

[1]     Release notes: https://github.com/rdfio/RDFIO/releases/tag/v2.2.0
[2]     GitHub Readme: https://github.com/rdfio/rdfio#readme
[3] CodeClimate trend: https://codeclimate.com/github/rdfio/RDFIO/trends
[4] RDFIO Vagrant box: https://github.com/rdfio/rdfio-vagrantbox

Best Regards
// Samuel & Co-workers & Collaborators at http://pharmb.io

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