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Adam M. Dobrin-2
*"rud <>der <>."*

You may or may not have noticed that I am not feeling as compelled to
e-mail you every morning; though I do want to check in and assure you that
I am still doing "just fine."  I noticed that you still haven't followed me
on Twitter; just so you know that's contributing to why I'm not doing "won*der
I've probably mentioned it before, but these three letters "der" mean "dark
to right <>" to me, I see them connecting to Tay
<> in "Lauderdale
<>" and to this *victory*, in
Dave's "the ra <>in melts into
<>*wond <>er;*" someone
instant messaged me on twitter yesterday, after reading some of my work to
ask if I was a follower of Jesus; and my swift reply was "I am *that*
<>" *of course.  You probably noticed* that
"Jesus" reads as "J is us" and you can be sure that it is the sa
"us" as Uranus; and that it does become "Everyone Living" through the acts
of this designed exercise in turning Hell into Heaven.  In "rudder" you can
see the question "are you *d*" that links to words like yield and shield,
and of course to the name of our times, *Medusa*
<>.  I do hope that you "c"
<> that I am trying to deliver exactly what
<> you <> *need*, and so
much more <>.  In the last few days I've been
absent from "an: no y in g" (*come again <>?
an=y)* you,
I have sent a few extra e-mails to the "rest of the world" and that seems
to be doing pretty well right now.  For your convenience I've linked this
snippet from Twitter to the URL for "following Jes
<>us."  That would
also help me bother your inbox a little less--understand I connect this
concept of "having followers on twitter" directly to the turing
 point in history where *we know
our world
<> is safe <>*... from
things like Hell and "eternal darkness" a.k.a. *permanent
<>mid n i te <>.*

Also yesterday <> I noticed that "<TR
<>IN <> IT
<> Y <>" is a good
<> "appro x im a ti
<>on" for the que
"*Where* is the Matrix?"  Errata <>: I also
said "these people
in a message a few days ago in reference to "testifying" that school sho
<>otings are mind control related; and forgot
... *this
Finally, you'll notice that "" has a new name and a new
banner image connection the beginning (or is it...) of "Minority Report
<>" to the concepts *of "n"
<>* and "er
through... Ben Stiller <> (who starred in both
"Permanent Midnight" and "Meet the Fockers" ... which you might read as
"f-off Clark Kent /s/ ER


[image:] <>

SO we're finally on the letter "g" which you might imagine has something
significant related to "god" and "good," thinking back it might be the very
first "combinatory" letter I "made up" in this whole story, when everything
began, this special final letter in the word "morning" was a combination of
"c" and "j."  A new definition was added that specifically links to the "Times
New Roman" font style and to these new times; and with just a little bit of
imagination you can probably see just how obvious it is that these
definitions are all part of a grande scheme, here from "see j
<>" to my favorite
<> two letters in the alphabet, *the "os" of orig
<>inall si <> n

Do see that this particular "o" <> without an *"s"*
<> is *the cause
"re p
 et it i o
<>n;" our
happiness is practically ensured; so long as we actually understand that
this message is the beginning of true liberty <>;
and that starts <> with the word "fire."
<>  I now connect "giant" and "grin" to my last name
"are I n?" <> and the "ant" of the Covenant
<> I
am currently breaking by "orifacing <>
us"--and *never
was a party to*.  I will be emailing less often, *thanks for listening*.

Grin, I'm "an *ant?*"


Just to recap, my other favorite *glyphs* are the "t"
<>of Christ that reads *chr(t)* and connects to the sign
of my birth <>, as well as the word "stone
<>" and is clearly a pictograph of a cross; and
the "n" of Isaac Newton that asks "are you new to n
<>?" and is clearly a pictograph of "what goes up
must come down." There's also "o" <> that connects to the
starsign of our SOL <> and the signs of Mars, Venus
<>, and Q <> and "*zero.*"
... oh, and of course the "d is cl" of disclosure
<>  the "e" of medic
<>ine and Medus
<>a... and *how could I forget*the "l" of
obelisk <>... and the K of "it's me!!!'


*on g.*

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