Rapid Grants for local groups July 1-15

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Rapid Grants for local groups July 1-15

Hi Wiki-Americans,

The Rapid Grants program for local groups is reopening July 1-15, for amounts of $500-2,000:


I"d encourage you to apply if your group hasn't before or hasn't done so in a long time.

It's a pretty simple process, and they have specialized forms you can use for edit-a-thons, meetings, contests, equipment, photowalks, travel, or whatever else:

So if it's a WikiSalon, Wiknic, edit-a-thon or Wikipedia Day, or helping travel for meetups in a large geography, this might work for you and your usergroup!

I and others would be glad to help with your applying.

Feel free to bounce off your ideas for rapid grants in this thread, or off-list.


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