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Re: 2 Questions: "Image-Batch-Upload" and "Refresh wiki data"

Edward Z. Yang
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Hi, regarding your Image-Batch-Upload question, I developed an extension
that allows MediaWiki to wire in already uploaded images in a local
folder. This allows you to use FTP to upload all your files, and then
hook them in without the HTTP interface. Alternatively, you can upload a
single tarball and decompress it, then upload the files (even faster but
a bit more clumsy). It's not very well-documented/tested code and it has
problems with wikis that have magic_quotes enabled and filenames with
single quotes in them (I have a patch that fixes that though), so I'm
not ready to release it yet, but if you're interested, send me an email
and I'll hook you up.

It should be *a lot* faster than using pywikipediabot, although if you
already got it to work, no sense beating a dead horse. I use the script
to upload particularly large files, where FTP serves me much better.
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