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Re: Agenda item for translators' meeting 5th November

KIZU Naoko
Thank you for your proposal, Louis.
I happened to think similar about resolutions, giving them a serial number.

To avoiding confusion which version is expected to be translated, such
number could be helpful. I am not sure if it is good to have a
template on the foundation wiki, but it could easily done on meta or
somewhere we are going to make our requests.

To consider your proposal, I would forward your message to our mailing
list translators-l as proposed agenda item.

If you have any idea, please send it to translators-l.

Thanks again,

On 11/2/06, louis bodo <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hello Kizu,
> I don't know if I ought to wait for the meeting on the 5th with this, but I
> would like to raise a point for the agenda, that is, that although 'document
> history' gives an idea, nevertheless, our documents should be issue numbered
> with dates of issue right under, or next to their title for ease of checking
> when a revision is/was done. A template could also be made for this of
> course.
> Suggested agenda item: Organisational documents, ie By-laws, procedures, etc
> to be provided with an Issue Number on a template which includes these with
> the document title and perhaps the Author's name as well (debatable) but it
> may also be added if the text has been authorised by the Board or any of the
> Board members 'and when).
> Kind regards,  Louis
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KIZU Naoko
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