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Jan Steinman-2
> From: [hidden email]
> I've been discussing a relocation of the Placeography mediawiki
> with the Minnesota historical society...
> Would like to know options for moving Placeography to a server
> and keeping it running.

Cool site!

Should be fairly straightforward; something that anyone with some MediaWiki maintenance experience can handle. Your new host must of course meet the requirements: php, mySQL, etc.

Do you have access to the database? You’ll need a dump of the Placeography tables.

Have you customized skins? If not, it will go easier.

Have any custom extensions? Likewise, but it’s just a matter of moving them and making sure they are wired into LocalSettings.php properly.

The toughest part may be moving the images. Backup and restore the entire ~/images file hierarchy.

And of course, you’ll need to copy and modify LocalSettings.php.

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