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forwarding a reply which somehow did not come through to this list, from a
long-time listmember:

 >Can I get a list of all the articles in category A and C, in one list?
My response is a bit late.
What you want is a AND function of categories. That is possible. OR
functions are also possible,
and summery of content etc.
My company needed that functionality to. Gabriel Wicke did write some Open
Source code "catfeed" I
needed additional functionality, paid for it, Gabriel did develope futher. I
agreed that my paid
additions for this specific extension is also Open Source. So you are free
to use it.
See for the
documentation and you
can play with it on (login and change your
preference language
to English may be easy for you.) This is an experimental wiki so do not be
afraid you destroy
something. Localization has to be completed, and some minor changes.

Just an idea as an possible alternative.

Bernard Hulsman

*end of forward*
all the best,

*edito ergo sum*

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