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louis bodo
Because the 'from' follows immediately the verb 'donated' it refers to it.
The whole problem is avoided if the verb is changed to a noun (this comes from an English teacher), so the best wording would be.replacing 'all those who donated' with 'all donors' 
The usage (or misusage) is not uncommon
Another way is to put a full stop after donated and the rest is taken as a signature
Yet another way of putting it:
Wikipedia Foundation expresses its gratitude (or its thanks) to all those who donated
or adding ' to its (charitable) organisation' 
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On 1/16/07, Julien F. <[hidden email]> wrote:
> The thank you is *from* the WMF for those who donated
> *to* the WMF.
> Tricky heh! ;)

Heh. Yes tricky ... perhaps Brion (he made it) didn't want to place
two links too much nearer ... [[xx|WMF]] [[xxx|thanks]] blah blah
blah. I agree the current placement is well-balanced. And "Thank you
to the Foundation" is doublly wrong since 1) it is recursive and make
no sense here and 2) even if so, it would be better replaced with
"for" ..

On the other hand, it could be confused specially non-native Speakers.
If your language syntax allows, you can freely translate it. In the
Japanese version (SOV), we can say "Wikimedia / all of you..../
thanks"  so we neatly avoided "from/to" problem ;p

KIZU Naoko
  * habent enim emolumentum in labore suo *

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