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Re: French village pump (was the status of smaller languages)

Here's a somewhat longer answer to Brianna's message :

I have recorded in a table, the activity of the village pump on Commons,
the number of administrators, and the date of last edit of the main page
in their language for the various language communities. Here's the link :

My conclusion is that although some communities seem to have been
completely inactive in 2006, most of them show at least some small
activity in 2006.

>Help us harass the developers for automatic translation of templates,
>automatic language selection based on browser settings and/or
>drop-down menu for language choice on the main page, for adoption of
>Duesentrieb's proposed category translation scheme via interwikis.
>These are just a few of the proposals that we dream of being
>implemented but have no idea if it will ever happen.

Do you have links ? On bugzilla, maybe ? I have never used the voting
system on bugzilla. Maybe I could, but please tell me which are the
relevant bugs.


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