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Anyone can write Wikinews. (we're a wiki :). is the
official guide on how to write an article. It would also probably be
beneficial to look at how other articles are written to kind of get
the idea. We do not cite our sources quite in the academic way, but we
still cite our sources. (in short, we have a bibliography, but we do
not have any inline citations). There are slight differences between
print and online (and for that matter Wikinews and other online news
sites). The most significant difference is that online news is less
pressed for space, where print newspapers are sometimes very crammed.

Hopefully that answers your questions , if you have any more, please
don't hesitate to ask. There is also an irc (chatroom) that you can
try as well to get in contact with wikinewsies, if your interested:
-- Cheers,
- Bawolff
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On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 10:38 AM, S S <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Do we have to qualify for writing and contributing to the wiki-news? Can
> someone explain me in brief the guidelines to post an article? I also have a
> question. The print newspapers do not cite references and sources of
> information  the way they are sited academically or online news. Are there
> different standards for online publishing of news versus the print newspaper
> editions. Please clarify.
> Thanks!
> Totme
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