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thurner rupert

i think this is a good idea. we could ask them if they have something
written, but i'm unsure if they have a written paper.

what we discussed yesterday with robin and martin between the 1:0 for
italy and the 1:1 was if we could just take the ogg files and put it
on a cd?


On 6/15/06, Ilario Valdelli <[hidden email]> wrote:

> In these last days I've been involved in the creation of the first
> Wikireader in italian language.
> The idea of Italian group was to repeat the experience of Wikimedia Germany.
> But, after some considerations, the project has been dropped for some
> marketing's problems (it's not easy to produce a book or a CD in GFDL
> and to sell them).
> In any case I've thought if for Wikimedia CH this meeting (Wikipedia
> Day) could collect data and reports from speakers to have a "Swiss
> Wikireader" which is based not on Wikipedia's articles but on some
> other materials. The number and the quality of speakers is so
> important that this idea could be improved.
> The speakers could find nice this idea, they should only send us a
> written relation, we could collect, page them, make a revision and
> produce a book. In the academic enviroment people are used to this
> solution.
> The financial covering is not a problem and in any case if this
> material is not printed it could be published in our pages.
> What is your suggestion? Do you think that this idea could be improved?
> Best Regards
> Ilario
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