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Shiju Alex-2
Dear Indic wikimedians,

Thank you very much for the welcome messages and for making me feel at home.

Over the past few years I have interacted with many of you for the various
Indic Wiki related activities and we have done many successful projects.
Thank you very much for all those wonderful projects. Now when we are moving
to a different phase of growth of Wikimedia in India, I request  more
support from your side.

To get started we shall together develop a plan for Indic language wikis and
design few pilot projects to gain learnings to drive growth. I propose to
develop this plan collaboratively and openly - in true wiki style.  This
will include focused Indic language meetups, virtual meetings, desk research
and constantly synthesizing the findings from all of these into learnings.
These learnings will then flow into pilots that we will implement and review
and learn from.

For this purpose, I will be using the following page
It is very preliminary right now - but will keep updating it.  The page will
give you a flavor of the kind of process and methodology I plan to use - and
also give you a hint of the end output.  However, I stress that is nothing
more than a stub right now. So please provide your suggestions.

I will be in touch soon and regularly on the next steps and I will keep you
constantly posted on progress - both positive and whenever we face setbacks.

The task is huge.  The potential is even more massive.  I will need a lot of
your help.  I invite and welcome and urge all of you to contribute to this
process - during physical meetups, in virtual meetings, one-on-one
conversations or meetings, on the talk page to the Indic Languages page and
in any and every manner that you can imagine.

As part of the India Programs of WMF, my official ID is [hidden email].
You can reach me anytime regarding any WMF's Indic wiki related topic.


On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 7:23 AM, Hisham <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Dear All
> As I had mentioned in a previous posting (and as was so touchingly welcomed
> by so many of of you), Shiju Alex is joining us to lead our Indic Languages
> initiatives.  In this mail (
> I had indicated that he would join around September-October.
> I'm really pleased to inform you that he has now joined India Programs (on
> September 24th.)
> Indic Languages is an important priority for us - and Shiju intends to
> start work on this urgently.  He'll be in touch shortly on this matter.
> Welcome aboard, Shiju!
> Warmest Regards,
> hisham
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