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Silke Meyer
Hi all,

it might a be noob question, but can the broken replications of dewiki
in Labs and on the Toolserver have the same cause?

Wondering, Silke

2013/11/29 Christian Thiele <[hidden email]>:

> Hi,
> Am 29.11.2013, 15:23 Uhr, schrieb Robin Krahl <[hidden email]>:
>> unfortunately it seems like there are still some missing revisions:
> it seems, that a lot of revisions are missing, not only some.
> Special:Statistics on de.wikipedia says: 130,605,066 revisions. "SELECT
> count(*) FROM revision" at tool labs is 41,143,404 - so two thirds of all
> revisions for dewiki are missing at the moment.
> Greets,
> apper
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