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Andrew Walker-3
On 1/16/06, Jon <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Now we're pretty much sure of our route to incorporation, it's probably
> worth starting to look beyond (those not at yesterday's meeting will have to
> await James's minutes to see what happened!). I'm interested in looking at
> what bank we should be having - I know there's already one suggestion on the
> mailing list, and I'll be looking at a number of options myself - but if
> anyone has other useful suggestions, let me know.
> I think the main requirements, in no particular order, are (i) as few as
> possible charges; (ii) experience of dealing with charities; (iii) will
> allow us to have a deposit account; (iv) ease of access (ie so it is easy to
> pay things into and out of the account). Please note - we are not really
> allowed to take into account ethical considerations when making financial
> decisions (though obviously if a bank was somehow acting completely against
> our objectives, it would be reasonable to rule it out as our banker!).
> Jon

We should also consider the cost of passing funding to charities
operating in other countries, and receiving grants in other
currencies. My guess is that one US foundation in particular is likely
to qualify for extensive funding from wiki educational resources.
However, Jon's points (i) to (iv) are probably more important.

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