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Re: [Mediawiki-api-announce] [ANNOUNCEMENT] REST API page metadata endpoints deprecation

Marko Obrovac

This is just a friendly reminder that the page metadata end points
mentioned below will be completely removed on 2017-05-08. Please update
your clients if you are still using any of them.

Marko Obrovac, PhD
Senior Services Engineer
Wikimedia Foundation

On 23 February 2017 at 18:28, Petr Pchelko <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hello,
> Since the early days of REST API it provides two features that haven’t
> been widely used neither internally in the WMF nor by the community. Today
> in a clean-up pass over the API we have decided to deprecate and eventually
> remove those features to allow some long-needed refactorings and stability
> improvements of other, more important, endpoints.
> The first one is the ability to query metadata about the page via the
> `/page/title/{title}`~[1] endpoint. The metadata includes properties like
> the latest revision number of the page, user who have made the last edit,
> whether the page is a redirect and similar. The backend storage model used
> to power the feature is quite unique in the system and has a significant
> maintenance cost without providing a clear benefit to users.
> Another feature that’s never found it’s audience is the ability to get
> listings of revisions, titles and renders stored in RESTBase. These
> listings suffer from scaling issues and cannot work reliably with the data
> model we have.
> We have, hence, opted to remove these unused and complex endpoints until
> there is some actual need for this data in the REST API when we can design
> and implement them better. Here’s the list of endpoints that are now
> deprecated and will be removed on May, 1st 2017:
>         • /page/title/
>         • /page/title/{title}
>         • /page/title/{title}/
>         • /page/revision/
>         • /page/revision/{revision}
> In case you are using them please switch to using the MediaWiki Action
> API. In case you need assistance or have questions, feel free to reply to
> this e-mail or contact the Wikimedia Services team~[2].
> Best regards,
> Petr Pchelko
> Software Engineer
> Wikimedia Foundation
> [1]!/Page_content/get_
> page_title_title
> [2]
> _______________________________________________
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