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Heiya Antoine,

this is not really a Semantic MediaWiki specific question, thus I am
also forwarding this to the general MediaWiki list to broaden the
audience and attention for your question.

Personally I do not like auto translated content and rather have no
translation than an automated one. However having this if you push
massive amounts of pages and at the same time providing an approximate
idea about its contents is all about could indeed be a solution. A
matter of taste and objective.

So if you think 1 or 2 is ideal for you you will most probably have to
look for a new maintainer or ask the old one to fluff things. More or
less a matter of money and/or goodwill.

Suggestions 3 to 5 are basically the same. Just depending if you want to
install pre-bundled software or not. Here you need people to do the work.

Cheers Karsten

Am 03.03.2017 um 21:01 schrieb Antoine McGrath:

> I'd like to translate MW pages into various languages (Spanish in
> particular).
> I am pushing (climate change related) legislative updates to hundreds of
> articles where the information is presented with human generated content.
> As a result human translation of these articles is not what I am looking
> for. Do you have any suggestions on can be best
> presented in multiple languages?
> I've identified the following as related potentials, but am uncertain as to
> whether I should invest in attempting to make 1 or 2 to compatibility with
> MW 1.27 ( or if I should focus on
> 3:4:5:6 or another alternative.
> 1)*Extension:Live_Translate*
> <>
> (Unstable: Looks to be ideal, but no longer functioning. A 2013 auto
> translator)
> 2)*Extension:Google_Translator*
> <>
> (Unstable: Looks to be ideal, but no longer functioning. A 2014 auto
> translator)
> 3)*mediawiki-extensions-Translate*
> <>
> (Stable: An extensive human powered translation aid.)
> 4)*Extension:UniversalLanguageSelector *
> <>
> (Stable: Seems to emphasize access to diverse character sets.)
> 5)*MediaWiki_Language_Extension_Bundle*
> <>
> (Stable: Seems to be primarily for human translations)
> 6) Activate google translation via *javascript in the category templates *
> 7) Other?
> If you have any suggestions on which one(s) to focus on please let me know.
> -Antoine
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