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Re: [Semediawiki-user] some queries stopped working

Fernando Correia
2007/3/25, Markus Krötzsch <[hidden email]>:

> > Is the page in a different namespace?  E.g. If it's [[User:Skierpage]]
> > then you have to add
> >       [[User:+]]
> True, or you could change the default namespaces that <ask> is searching. The
> default is:
> $smwgIQSearchNamespaces = array(NS_MAIN, NS_IMAGE);
> You can add any namespaces, or set the whole value to NULL to switch off this
> restriction. While S' other suggestions also are very reasonable, this seems
> to be a very likely cause of the problem.

That dit it.

It seems the default value for $smwgIQSearchNamespaces has changed.
Before, disabling the line was enough to search in all namespaces. Now
we must set it to null.

Thanks to all that helped.

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