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Re: Switching to HTML5, take two

Max Semenik wrote:
> Those poor souls who still screen-scrape should expect
> all kinds of breakages anyway.

That's no reason not to warn them ahead of time. Crossposting the notice
to wikibots-l and pywikipedia-l.

A change like wgHtml5=true seems a good time to change the legacy code
to use the api.

Please report anything doable with screen-scrapping but not with
mediawiki api.

Aryeh Gregor writes:

> Back in July, we had a lengthy discussion about the possibility of
> switching to HTML5:
> The conclusion appeared to be that switching to HTML5 was a good idea.
>  As of July 12 (r53142), MediaWiki has been outputting HTML5
> continuously as the default:
> There have been only a few minor problems reported by various trunk
> users, all of which were quickly fixed.  The current state of HTML5
> support is discussed here:
> When we had our last scap six weeks ago, $wgHtml5 was disabled on
> Wikimedia to reduce the number of variables to keep track of, since a
> huge amount of code was changing at once.  Although we're currently in
> the middle of some organizational issues due to Brion's resignation, I
> think it would be safe to experimentally turn on $wgHtml5 and see what
> happens.  If any problems are reported that can't be fixed
> immediately, of course, it could be turned off again, but I think this
> is quite unlikely.  I'll be available for the next few weeks to work
> on any issues that arise.  Would this be okay?

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