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Michal Matúšov-2

Hi. In the case you haven't received this message last night, you have here. Please, bring it into consideration and we would like appreciate your respond.

Best regards!

02.09.2013 21:22 odosielateľ napísal:


Preparation of WM CEE Meeting 2013 ( goes well. We are preparing grant request for WMF now. To make it possible please let us know if your chapter / WM group is interested about reimbursement of travel, lodging and board costs. In addition, please let us know about expected travel cost for one and for two persons. The grant is intended for 2 persons from each chapter / relevant WM group.

If your chapter / WM group would like to cover your costs itself please note that expected cost for one person are 16 € for boarding and 18 € for lodging for one day. (It is possible we will could provide lower prizes but for now this ones are the higher to think about.)

Please stay in contact, eventually ask by mail or in CEE mailinglist and note program interest of your group on

Best regards and hope to see you in Slovakia in November!
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