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Shiju Alex
Dear All

Thank you very much for welcoming me to the new role.

First of all I am extremely sorry for responding to this mail very late. For
the past few days I was traveling and my access to internet was

I'm really excited with this new assignment. As you all know over the past
few years Indic wiki communities had done (either individually or through
collaboration with multiple wiki communities) many great things. I was lucky
enough to be part of some of these assignments.

Due to the efforts of various Indic wiki community members, most of the big
language wikis are active now. With more than 40 Indic language wikis I know
the task is not going to be easy. But I am sure with the support from the
respective language speakers we can together do many great things.

I look forward to work closely with all of you and requesting your support
for the same.

Warm Regards,

Shiju Alex

On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 12:43 PM, Hisham Mundol <[hidden email]>wrote:

> cross-posting pan India (apologies if you got/get this through other
> mailing lists.)
> Hi Folks,
> I'm really pleased to send out this email welcoming the first 2 new members
> of the India Programs team.  Just before I introduce them, I thought I'd
> share with you the background of their selection.
> *Context*
> As you might be aware, the Foundation had decided to undertake a catalyst
> operation in India to promote the growth of the community and projects here.
>  The team is expected to be a small, nimble 5 person group.  We had put out
> 2 job postings - for Indic Initiatives and for Participation.  (Please
> refer:
>  We posted them on linkedin and on the Indian FOSS community list as well
> as announcing them on various Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.
> The response was wonderful.  >110 applications for Indic Initiatives and
> nearly 175 applications for Participation.  These were short-listed to 10 (3
> for Indic Language and 7 for Participation.)  These were a mix of existing &
> previous Wikipedians, Wikipedia newbies and open source advocates.
> In June, the shortlisted 10 were interviewed and further down-selected to
> 4.  These 4 were then further interviewed by a group of other staff members
> from the Foundation.  I am pleased to inform the community of the final
> selected 2.
> *Shiju Alex - Indic Initiatives*
> Most of you already know Shiju. For those who don't, Shiju is a long-time
> Wikipedian [User: shijualex] and is active on Malayalam Wikipedia, English
> wikiprojects and Wikimedia Commons, as well as Wikisource and offline.  He
> has been passionately involved with the establishing and building of Indic
> language Wikipedias.  He's participated in a series of outreach activities
> and is also (jointly) undertaking a grant from the Foundation for outreach
> across India.  He's a regular member of the Bangalore community.
> Shiju is from Palakkad, Kerala and is married with a 2 year old baby.  He
> currently works as a Senior Technical Writer with ABB in Bangalore.
> Even those of you who know him might not know the following 2 things that I
> was lucky to discover during the selection process.  Shiju is an MSc in
> Physics with a specialisation in Astronomy and Astrophysics - and he retains
> a deep interest in anything astronomical.  Feel free to quiz him vigorously
> on this!  He also enjoys trekking and misses his time in Pune where he could
> be up & close the gorgeous Sahyadri Hills.
> Shiju is going to lead our work on promoting Indic language projects across
> India.  The challenges are enormous - from technical constraints to low
> levels of awareness of these projects to vibrant but nascent communities.
>  However, these only point to the massive size of the opportunity for Indic
> language projects - which is the joint top-2 strategic priority of the
> movement in India.  After he joins, he'll collaboratively put together a
> plan for Indic language projects and work towards quality execution of
> high-impact initiatives.
> Shiju is currently serving out his notice period so will be able to join us
> only around September - October.
> *Nitika Tandon - Participation*
> Nitika [User:nitika.t] is relatively newer to the community - and has been
> brushing up her editing.  She's been immersing herself in the Wikimedia
> world and attended community meet-ups as well as reviews of the Wikipedia
> India Education Program.  She is from Delhi - and is currently based in
> Mumbai - where she works as a Strategic Partnerships Manager with Directi.
> (If you're not aware, they are one of the most prominent internet domain &
> solutions providers in India.)
> Nitika has an MBA and has also worked on research analytics.  A fascinating
> detail I discovered about a previous assignment of hers - and you must ask
> her about it - is how African drums can be used for management coaching!
>  She also reliably informs me that there are 7 Spanish dance forms and she
> instructs in all of them!
> Nitika is going to be working on Participation - which is primarily
> focussed on increasing the contributor base of non-Indic language projects,
> primarily Wikipedia.   One of her first tasks will be to expand the
> Wikipedia India Education Program from the Pune pilot to a more national
> footprint.  She'll also work on other initiatives to promote participation -
> and I can foresee Wikimedia Commons being a potential initiative.
> Nitika will join us on August 1st.
> *Introductions*
> I'm going to be scheduling the August Monthly India Programs IRC on
> Thursday August 18th to introduce them both to you.  Please do join us.
>  I'll send a reminder closer to the date.  Also, needless to say, they'll
> be attending a series of community meet-ups over the next months.
> In the meantime, please do join me in welcoming them onboard. I'm really
> excited because this means that we will now have the capacity and capability
> to dramatically accelerate our activities in India.
> Warmest Regards,
> *Hisham Mundol*
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