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Re: [Wikidata] URL shortener for the Wikimedia projects will be available on April 11th

Amir Sarabadani-2
This is live now, you can use it in


On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 2:14 PM Léa Lacroix <[hidden email]> wrote:

> *(apologies for crost-posting - feel free to share this announcement in
> your communities)*
> Hello all,
> Having a service providing short links exclusively for the Wikimedia
> projects is a community request that came up regularly on Phabricator
> <> or in community discussions
> <>.
> After a common work of developers from the Wikimedia Foundation and
> Wikimedia Germany, we are now able to provide such a feature, it will be
> enabled on April 11th on Meta.
> *What is the URL Shortener doing?*
> The Wikimedia URL Shortener is a feature that allows you to create short
> URLs for any page on projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, in order
> to reuse them elsewhere, for example on social networks or on wikis.
> The feature can be accessed from Meta wiki on the special page
> m:Special:URLShortener
> <> (will be enabled
> on April 11th). On this page, you will be able to enter any web address
> from a service hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, to generate a short URL,
> and to copy it and reuse it anywhere.
> The format of the URL is followed by a string of letters and
> numbers. You can already test an example: redirects to
> *What are the limitations and security measures?*
> In order to assure the security of the links, and to avoid shortlinks
> pointing to external or dangerous websites, the URL shortener is restricted
> to services hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. This includes for example:
> all Wikimedia projects, Meta, Mediawiki, the Wikidata Query Service,
> Phabricator. (see the full list here
> <>)
> In order to avoid abuse of the tool, there is a rate limit: logged-in
> users can create up to 50 links every 2 minutes, and the IPs are limited to
> 10 creations per 2 minutes.
> *Where will this feature be available?*
> In order to enforce the rate limit described above, the page
> Special:URLShortener will only be enabled on Meta. You can of course create
> links or redirects to this page from your home wiki.
> The next step we’re working on is to integrate the feature directly in the
> interface of the Wikidata Query Service, where is currently used
> to generate short links for the results of the queries. For now, you will
> have to copy and paste the link of your query in the Meta page.
> *Documentation and requests*
>    - If you have any question or requests, feel free to leave a comment
>    under this Phabricator task <>
>    - The user documentation is available here
>    <>:
>    please help us to translate it in your language!
>    - See also the technical documentation of the extension
>    <>
> Thanks a lot to all the developers and volunteers who helped moving
> forward with this feature, and making it available today for everyone in
> the Wikimedia projects!
> --
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