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Vishnu t
Dear Dr.Krant M.L.Verma, Siddartha Ghai and Anunad Singh

Thank you for your wishes to Mr. Syed.

From: Siddhartha Ghai <[hidden email]>
> I'm certain that with Mr. Syed's involvement interaction between the
> CIS-A2K team and the wiki communities of hindi and urdu will increase.
> It brings me great joy to see someone with such vast experience being
> a part of indic WMF projects.

Most certainly! At CIS-A2K we are eagerly looking forward to increasing our
interaction with the Hindi and Urdu Wiki communities and to learn and to

From: Anunad Singh <[hidden email]>
> Can the group know the criteria for selection to this post. (or is it given
> somewhere?)

This was mentioned in the job advertisement, which I think was also posted
on this list, some months ago. We will also be putting up a blog post on
the selection process, which will give more details.

I want to know this because I do not think that the 'BOLT
> Award' , Gold medals from IGNOU, papers in weeklies etc are relevant and
> really matter in this case. Was his contribution to Hindi wiki also
> assesed?

Yes. Each applicant's on-wiki experience was also taken into consideration
among other criteria.

> Were some other candidates also in the race?
Yes. We had received more than 35 applications.

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