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Noopur Raval
Apologies for the picture attachment. Here is the blog post link to the
meet up:

Thank you,

On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 12:13 PM, Noopur Raval <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Dear all,
> While at Wikimania, we all had a small India - Nepal team meet up. Here is
> a brief summary of what we discussed. All the Indian and Nepali Wikimedians
> were enthusiastically gathered by Malayalee Wikipedian Viswa Prabha in the
> ballroom at Wikimania.
> Since it was an informal meet up, we had the opportunity to discuss
> anything and everything! It was awesome to see Wikipedians of all ages,
> from various places in India and Nepal, all coming together to discuss the
> stuff they were doing! Actually, the first team meet happened on the plane
> itself - somewhere above Russia I was told :-)
> From mobile to Indic languages, GLAM, outreach in states of India, OCR for
> Indian languages to some ideas that could make communication between
> communities and entities easier as well as IEP, we truly learned the best
> practices that have been tried and tested by fellow community members.
> *OCR for Indic languages:*
> Kul, Viswa Prabha, Dr Rajasekhar and Ganesh from the Nepali community had
> discussions on whether OCR could be integrated and functional for Indic
> language Wikiprojects since that would make the work a lot easier for many
> editors. Viswa Prabha is currently working on something and his energy is
> really infectious. :-)
> Anyone interested can take lead for their communities as well. This would
> also help the Malayalam education program in its next phase to get more
> student editors on Wikisource.
> *Reviving Offline/CD project:*
> Harriet, who has been involved with OLPC was also present and asked
> questions about the offline/CD initiative and whether the project had an
> India specific section. It was suggested that although there is no scalable
> tech solution to filter content appropriate for children depending on their
> age groups, it could be done manually depending on the age group we're
> looking at.
> *Announcement page:*
> By this time we all agreed that there are so many small and big projects
> are happening across communities! Bishakha suggested there should be a more
> central place to list out new announcements and more importantly contact
> details of people who can help out with various activities. This could be
> done on Meta ideally.
> *
> Using social media to keep vandals at bay!*
> There was a brief discussion on how social media can be utilized more
> effectively. Viswa Prabha weighed in saying how these social network
> platforms could be avenues to deal with vandalism as well as diverse
> discussions while keeping Wikipedia related discussions focused on talk
> pages.
> *GLAM national coordinator:*
> Wikimania had a panel discussion on GLAM coordinators following which it
> was also discussed whether India community or chapter should have such a
> position in order to guide and coordinate and help out new folks who want
> to start GLAM projects. Similarly, for WLM or such photo events, I do
> recall there being a talk for valid press cards that could be given to SIGs
> to help folks out in case of police trouble.
> *
> Outreach:*
> Last but not the least, Yuvi suggested how hackathons could be an
> excellent way of outreach (citing the Bangalore and Chennai examples).
> Nitika also gave an update on the British Council Wikiclubs.
> User:Rangilo_Gujarati who was also present there has volunteered to help
> with the British Council in Pune.
> It was heartbreaking to see that a lot of our fellow members could not
> make it due to visa problems but hopefully, we'll have bigger meetups soon!
> Attaching a photo of the meetup (photo curtsy: Rangilo_Gujarati) and a
> special mention to Viswa Prabha for winning the Raffles!
> Thank you,
> Best,
> Noopur
> --
> Noopur Raval

Noopur Raval
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