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Milos Rancic-2
Since WMF is not interested in the deescalation of the conflict and
actively obstructs the mediation process by doing something it said
just a couple of days it wont' do, I am leaving my role as a mediator
in this dispute resolution.

P.S. This was for your information. I am not interested in your opinion.

On Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 5:30 PM, Milos Rancic <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Chico, Rodrigo and I had a very good meeting today. It lasted one hour
> and half, we were talking about various topics (via Google Hangouts)
> they care of and we've reached the agreement about the initial steps.
> (They've both agreed to lift the communication ban while talking with
> me.)
> Before taking mediation to myself, I've asked Patricio to do the same,
> but he is busy these days and he will join it in few months, after he
> comes out the busy days. (Both Rodrigo and Chico agreed with Patricio
> as a mediator, as well.)
> At this point of time, we've concluded the following:
> * Rodrigo apologized to Chico for harsh words.
> * Chico promised that their group won't raise the issues between the
> groups further.
> * Both of them agreed to treat this as their internal problem they are
> working to solve.
> * At the end of the week I will have separate meetings with Chico and
> Joao on one side and Rodrigo and Henrique on the other.
> * In two weeks, Rodrigo, Chico and I will have the next meeting.
> At this point of time and as long as I mediate in this case, I would
> ask WMF to refrain from any actions.
> I will inform you about the next steps and let's hope we'll solve this
> situation in the next couple of months.

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