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James Hare-5

Technically this is a personal statement and not one on behalf of the
Foundation, but I am reasonably confident that whatever CTO we hire will
consider the protection of reader privacy to be important.

Thank you,
James Hare

*James Hare* (he/him)
Associate Product Manager
Wikimedia Foundation <>

On Sat, Mar 23, 2019 at 3:37 PM James Salsman <[hidden email]> wrote:

> I noticed just now that the Foundation is soliciting applications for a
> new CTO:
> Can we please hire a CTO who would prefer to protect reader privacy
> above the interests of any State or non-state actors, whether they
> have infiltrated staff, contractor, and NDA signatory ranks, and
> whether it interferes with reader statistics and analytics or not,
> please?
> In particular, I would like to repeat my request that we should not be
> logging
> personally identifiable information which might increase our subpoena
> burden or result in privacy violation incidents. Fuzzing geolocation
> is okay, but we should not be transmitting IP addresses into logs
> across even a LAN, for example, and we certainly shouldn't be
> purchasing hardware with backdoor coprocessors wasting electricity and
> exposing us to government or similar intrusions:
> Best regards,
> Jim
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