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Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wikimedia Announcements] Welcoming Wikimedia Foundation’s new CTO, Grant Ingersoll

James Salsman-2
Well, I'm thrilled about this, especially after having had a look

Honestly, though, it's only the third best thing that happened this
week after Valerie Plame entering politics and the UC system divesting
from fossil fuels.

Grant, welcome! My advice is to set make a long list of concrete KPIs
for contributor (e.g. editor) support, reach, and cloud support, in a
way that can be used for fundraising. The fundraising messaging has
been stuck for years on this thing about, "if everyone reading this
contributed the cost of a cup of coffee, then _some goal here_," which
is okay, but could be so much better flipped with the KPIs as the ask,
e.g., "Each $CURRENCY you donate will pay to support N additional
$CONTENTS," where the wikipedias can use ops measurements of the
resources typical to, e.g., take an article from Start to B class, for
example, or how much time, server electricity including idle time, and
other resource it takes to get a new word added to Wiktionary to some
level of proficiency. If these units relate to the potential donor's
language or geography, all the better. People geolocated in the
developed world using languages with highly developed wikipedias and
wiktionaries can be told how much it would cost to, for example,
eliminate units of the various WP:BACKLOG items you find suitable in
multivariate e.g. Latin squares donation message testing. (Or add new
technology projects like an intelligibility- and natural spoken
feedback version of hint hint.)

Also please take Curecoin instead of Bitcoin, even if that means
paying the extra transaction fee before converting the Curecoin to
cash. It is the height of folly to be as close to endorsing wasted
electricity-based cryptocurrency as we already do, when alternatives
with a benefit are less commonly known. The only other blockchain
thing I like is that long-term state-sponsored censorship mitigation
program can be based on copying the dumps to IPFS, but please also
support the CDN efforts like Encrypted-SNI:

Please let me know your thoughts.

Best regards,

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