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Hari Prasad Nadig-2
As a sysop, significant contributor and presently an avid observer on
Kannada Wikipedia, I can say that it is true that the user activity has
returned to pre-education programme levels within a month or faster than
that. In fact, there has not been considerable increase in quality or
momentum on par with organic growth despite CIS shelling close to 17 Lakh
rupees (correct me if I'm wrong) - much of it constituting a percentage of
Dr. U B Pavanaja's salary at CIS.

There have been tens of such events being announced in a nutshell and
carried out without definitive impact.

What is more concerning is that the media reports (which is quite easy to
get in this part of the world) being used to cover up the lack of
definitive impact.

Perhaps we should hear more from the fellow Wikimedians who're neutral and
friends on Kannada Wikipedia mailing list who're neutral to assess the
actual impact than from CIS's partners (Christ College as on this thread,
for instance).

On 20 May 2014 09:58, sankarshan <[hidden email]> wrote:

> On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 9:31 AM, Pavanaja U B
> <[hidden email]> wrote:
> > The very first email in this thread by Ravi had two main queries –one was
> > about Tulu Wikipedia workshop and another one about Christ University
> > project. I have answered both of them. Since both questions were asked in
> > the same email, I answered both of them in same reply mail. Vikram also
> > answered about the Christ University project. Complete report of CIS-A2K
> > activities and outcome is available on meta and I am sure all the people
> who
> > have been active in this thread have thoroughly gone through them. I
> don’t
> > think we will be gaining anything more by doing further hair-splitting on
> > this.
> I am not entirely sure that the above is a correct summary of things.
> If <
> >
> is the first email on the thread (from Ravishankar), then the points
> raised were:
> [+] Section 1.3 of
> <
> >
> provides a set of observations in the form of "Lessons Learned"
> [+] Ravishankar's point is that although the lessons were recorded,
> there are more instances where similar has occurred and lessons have
> not been implemented. To quote from that email "Yet, CIS seems to be
> repeating sich negligible impact outreach programs many times in March
> and April 2014. This includes Tulu workshops where there is active
> editor community at all."
> I am not sure whether than phrase "Tulu workshops where there is
> active editor community at all" was meant to read as "no active editor
> community at all". Since no clarification or, amendments were
> provided, that line is kept dangling - but the reference to Tulu does
> not obvious ask for stats.
> [+] The mail thereafter goes to cite
> <> which is a more
> broad update of the status/stats for Kannada and positions this in
> contrast to a news article
> <
> >.
> The objective for the comparison is to provide data for the assertion
> that  "when you look at Kannada Wikipedia stats, the user activity has
> returned to pre-education programme levels within a month".
> In short, the original email, if that is the first on this thread,
> neither asked about Tulu and nor did it ask about the Christ
> University project.

Hari Prasad Nadig
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