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>    1. Re: [Wikimedia-l] WikiData and WikiSpecies (Andrew Leung)
> I agree with Nemo. Please see my message written in January 2013 that demonstrates the problem (except it's worse because Wikidata is populated with more contents now than in January)

Hello Andrew,

I believe Nemo's point is that Wikidata will become a useful tool for
Wikispecies, and can hold all of the structured data Wikispecies
needs; so that WS can focus on presentation and search and showcasing
related information.

You seem to be suggesting that WD is not useful for this and should be
avoided.  In contrast, I think that WS is a n obvious next client
site; and hope that the community will help to make the relevant
species data clean and complete within WD.

@Nikola:  I believe you are right.  Since the core WD team is not
likely to have time to work on such interfaces, this needs some
interested folks to start developing and testing that interface and
identifying any bugs or features needed to make it work well.


> Nemo writes:
>> Nikola Smolenski writes:
>> > What if this interface would exist? I believe it could be made really
>> > quickly and easily.
>>  From what I understand, the interface for Wikidata data is provided by
>> client sites such as Wikipedia. There are no plans for inclusion of
>> Wikispecies as client site, but if/when Wikispecies' needs are
>> implemented this doesn't imply Wikispecies would be useless, rather that
>> it would have easier access to data and could focus on its scope i.e.
>> presenting such data. Currently it tries to do both and IMHO fails at both.

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