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Ahh, just beat me to it :-)

They're not taking applications yet, and the #summer-discuss IRC
channel is inexplicably hosted on SlashNET, but that's extremely cool.
 Congrats to Brion and everyone working on this... last year, Google
sponsored an average of 10 students per project/org on their list.


* likewise Creative Commons, One Laptop Per Child (which is doing cool
things with wikis and wants to fit Wikimedia content on its laptops),
and, which is moving closer to providing a truly robust free
audio and video toolchain.  A reason to smile...  :-)

On 4/23/06, Mathias Schindler <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi,
> after wandering through the archive of those lists, it seems that
> nobody has yet mentioned that Wikimedia was accepted as a mentoring
> organisation for the Google Summer of Code 2006.
> Students may apply for this in the first 8 days of May.
> Please have a look at
> for suggestions
> regarding possible projects.
> It would be a great opportunity for us, yadda yadda etc. please apply.
> Mathias
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