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On 5/6/07, Yann Forget <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Illegal number? Do you have any legal argument? There is none on this
> page.
section 2

> At least quite a lot of people have understood that the rethoric
> from the majors is completely baseless.

It isn't baseless (unless you have some relevant case law that
everyone else has missed). How many of the people you are talking
about are lawyers?

> Publishing a number is spamming? Publising a number would be illegal?
> This is a complete nonsense.

It would appear to be the case that publishing certian numbers within
certain contexts would be illegal under US law. The exact contexts for
which this applies is a matter of some disspute.

> Wake up guys!

Hmm I though the 9/11 CTers had trademarked that phrase. They
certainly use it enough


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