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Chris Sherlock [TAL]
Michael wrote:

> Angela,
> Your email suggests that this requires Board approval.  If so, then post
> it as a proposed resolution to the Board.  Do not confuse the opinion of
> three people (who may happen to be Board members) as being the same as
> Board approval.  Being a Board member does not confer any authority to a
> member outside of the Board itself.
> This proposal sounds to me like a community matter rather than a Board
> matter.  I prefer to let the community make these decisions as long as
> the proposal falls within the broad mandate of the Foundation.  It is
> the responsibility of the president to monitor these activities and
> bring it to the attention of the Board if there appears to be a conflict
> with Foundation policy.
> Michael

Michael, I don't believe that Angela ever said that it does require board
approval (I'm not saying whether it does/doesn't, just commenting on her
original email). I think she was just expressing support.

Sorry if I've talked out of turn.

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