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Ivan Lanin-2
Great idea!

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From: Casey Brown
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Sent: Nov 3, 2009 09:08

Hey Translators!

We realized that some people might prefer to get announcements sent to
microblogging services instead of (or in addition to) subscribing to a
mailing list.  Because of this, the Translation committee now has an[1] and a Twitter[2] account. You can subscribe to one or
both if you'd like (they'll both have the same updates).

The accounts will most likely post announcements of new requests with
links to the mailing lists post for more information.  We'll also try
to maintain a "twitter list" of translators
(@wikitrans/translators[3]) similar to our current committee list

We look forward to seeing you on those sites! :-)


Casey Brown

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Ivan Lanin.

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