Readers Monthly update for June 2018

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Readers Monthly update for June 2018

Chris Koerner-2
Guten Tag!

This is the monthly update from the Readers team at the Wikimedia
Foundation for June 2018.

Feedback and questions are encouraged.

== Discussions ==

=== Apps ===
* Android released a number of new features that improve support for
multiple languages when searching for articles or browsing the Explore
feed, as well as miscellaneous performance and stability enhancements.
Download the new version on Google Play. [0]

=== Web ===
* Continuing work on PDF rendering and mobile page issues/notices. [1] [2]
* Planning for Q1 work, including advanced mobile contributions.  Feedback
on the current proposal is highly appreciated. [3]

=== Reading Infrastructure ===
* Bug fixing for the Wikimedia Reading List extensions, finished QA for the
Safari extension, will be publishing soon. [4]
* Deployed improvements to the REST endpoint for page references. [5]
* Working on adding language variant support to mobile content service REST
endpoints, now that Parsoid added support [6] [7]

=== New Readers ===
* New Reader updates can be found at Meta. [8]

==Events and News ==
* Readers will be hosting user testing at Wikimania. The focus of the
testing is around features in the Android and iOS versions of the Wikipedia
app and improvements to the mobile web interface. More information on the
Wikimedia 2018 site. [9]



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