Readers Monthly update for May 2018

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Readers Monthly update for May 2018

Chris Koerner-2
Hello again,
This is the monthly update from the Readers team at the Wikimedia
Foundation for May 2018.


=== Apps===
* iOS and Android teams both published incremental updates to address
issues with new Reading Lists. [0]

=== Web ===
* Continuing work on the mobile page issues project [1]
* Preparing for the deployment of our new PDF renderer [2]
* Team was way at offsite and hackathon - discussing plans for next year

=== Reading Infrastructure ===
* Published Wikipedia Reading List browser extensions for Chrome and
Firefox.[3] Safari extension to follow hopefully soon, but dealing
with a cookie issue when "keep me logged in" is not used.
* Updated various APIs (action=mobileview, /page/summary,
/page/mobile-sections) to provide locally overwritten descriptions vs.
the centrally stored ones in Wikidata. [4] [5] These were follow-ups
to T192838. [6]

=== New Readers ===
* New Reader updates can be found at Meta. [7]


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The archive of all past updates can be found on

Chris Koerner
Community Liaison
Wikimedia Foundation

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