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Readers monthly update for August 2017

Chris Koerner-2
Good day,
I'm here again with the monthly update from the Readers department.

As always, feedback and questions are welcome.

== Discussions ==
* Discussion around the mobile app Reading List feature will be
starting soon (Draft). [0]

=== Apps ===
* The Android app rolled out an update with improvements to the
Reading Lists and offline capabilities of the app. [1] [2]
* Android continues work on supporting the ZIM file format to make
offline libraries a built-in part of the app experience. This week we
began user testing with users in India. [3] [4]
* iOS released version 5.6, which included Reading Themes, such as
dark and sepia modes, to make it more personal and comfortable to read
wikipedia, especially at night. The release has been well received,
resulting in our best ever user reviews and prominent featuring by
Apple in the Store, resulting in a 200% increase in downloads. [5]
* iOS also included a pack of Wikipedia themed iMessage stickers. The
stickers themselves are Public Domain and available on Commons, and
hopefully will be popping up on all Wikimedian's social channels soon.
* Both apps teams are excited by the progress of the ReadingLists
extension, and will be implementing syncing of reading lists for
logged in users as soon as the Extension is fully released!

=== Web ===
* Page previews are now live on all Wikipedias except German and English
* An A/B test for page previews has begun on German and English
Wikipedias as a final feature evaluation prior to release on these
* A perplexing bug in Firefox caused issues with EventLogging. Wanting
to make sure our logging worked, the deployment of Page Previews was
delayed (but is now back on schedule!) [7]
* We've been continuing work on desktop and mobile PDFs [8] [9]

=== Reading Infrastructure ===
* Wrote Extension:ReadingLists (currently undergoing review) for the
Reading Lists project [10] [11]
* Helped evaluating options for replacing OCG with a more maintainable
system [12]

=== New Readers ===
* New Reader updates can be found at Meta. [13]

=== Multimedia ===
* There was a Structured Data on Commons program offsite following
Wikimania. All of Multimedia was present, along with one or more
members from just about every team involved in the program.
* Consultation around 3D licensing and weaponry model risks continues.
The Multimedia team will be preparing a suggested implementation that
streamlines user prompting, pending design mocks.
* The consultation around enabling the upload of MP3 files to Commons
continues. Commons contributors are encouraged to participate. [14]

=== Discovery ===
The Discovery team provides weekly updates. Here are their updates for
the month of August.
* 2017-08-14 [15]
* 2017-08-21 [16]
* 2017-08-28 [17]



The archive of all past updates can be found on

Chris Koerner
Community Liaison
Wikimedia Foundation

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