Readers monthly update for July 2017

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Readers monthly update for July 2017

Chris Koerner-2
Hi everyone,
Here is the monthly update from Readers (previously Reading) department at
the Wikimedia Foundation for July 2017.

As always, feedback and questions are welcome.


=== Apps===
* Development of ZIM file and offline compilations support continues.
* Continuing to work on improved Reading lists feature, addressing user
reports and preparing for syncing functionality. [0]
* We're working on an initial set of downloadable compilations to be
available in the Android app. [1]
* For iOS we'll be releasing version 5.6 next week, and are just wrapping
up testing.
* Version 5.6 of iOS features sepia and dark reading modes, On this day
timelines and public domain Wikipedia themed stickers for iMessage [2] [3]

=== Web ===
* We found and reported a quite serious bug in the Firefox browser. [5]
* We're working on some style improvements to the print styles of desktop
pages and PDFs. [6]
* Page previews is coming to all wikis excluding German and English! [7]
* We're working on allowing Page previews to display html previews
* We're considering |adding a namespace filter to Special:ShortPages. Would
this be useful to people? Please let us know! [8]

=== New Readers ===
* New Reader updates can be found at Meta]. [9]

=== Multimedia ===
* We identified must-do 3D tasks in anticipation of a future launch, and
have a few outstanding bugs to resolve before being feature complete. [10]
An additional Wikilegal discussion on 3D has been initiated; depending on
the outcome some interface changes may be required before launch. [11]

=== Discovery ===
The Discovery team provides weekly updates. Here are their updates for the
* 2017-07-03 [12]
* 2017-07-10 [13]
* 2017-07-17 [14]
* 2017-07-24 [15]



The archive of all past updates can be found on

Chris Koerner
Community Liaison
Wikimedia Foundation
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