Readers monthly update for October 2017

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Readers monthly update for October 2017

Chris Koerner-2
Here is the monthly update for October from the Readers department at
the Wikimedia Foundation.

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on-wiki notifications or opt-in email! Handy if you subscribe to the
digest of his mailing list or don't visit the archive frequently.

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Thanks for reading, as always, feedback and questions are welcome.

=== Apps===
* The iOS team released version 5.7.0. This version includes an
updated share-a-fact, improved on-boarding for new users and lots of
fixes for iPhone X. [0]
* The iOS app was named an "Editors Choice" by Apple. This is the
highest recognition Apple gives apps, and in their decision they
particularly called out the improved quality of the app, and focus on
* The Android app went to beta with their latest update. This version
adds app shortcuts, image dimming, theming improvements for Light and
Dark mode, bug fixes for Simplified and Traditional Chinese and many
other refinements. [1]
* The apps teams participated in a 3 day "Offsite" in Philadelphia.
Read about it on [2]

=== Web ===
* Updated Print styles arelive [3]
* Regrettably, we turned off OCG. Fortunately, this unblocked Ops's
decommission of the service and servers.
* We're working hard on a replacement service for the Electron-based
PDF rendering service. [4] Follow our progress on Phabricator. [5]

=== Reading Infrastructure ===
* the API backend for Reading Lists is in beta [6] [7]

=== New Readers ===
* New Reader updates can be found at Meta.  [8]

=== Multimedia ===
* Support for uploading and viewing 3D models is coming soon to
Wikimedia Commons. The feature will support the .STL file format. [9]

=== Discovery ===
The Discovery team provides weekly updates. Here are their updates for
the month.
* 2017-10-02 [10]
* 2017-10-09 [11]
* 2017-10-16 [12]
* 2017-10-23 [13]

== Other Noteworthy Stuff  ==
* Sam Smith: I'm currently investigating adding up/downstream
bandwidth configuration to my micro-device-lab side project. [14]


The archive of all past updates can be found on

Chris Koerner
Community Liaison
Wikimedia Foundation

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