Readers monthly update for September 2017

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Readers monthly update for September 2017

Chris Koerner-2
I'm here again with the monthly update from the Readers department.

**New**: You can now subscribe to receive theses updates as on-wiki
notifications or opt-in email! Handy if you subscribe to the digest of
this mailing list or don't visit the archive frequently.

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Thanks for reading, as always, feedback and questions are welcome.


=== Apps===
* '''Android''': Progress being made with the Offline Library feature.
There's a video demo and more information on [0] [1]

* We've updated the visual design for hatnotes on the mobile website
to distinguish them from the remainder of the content. [2]
* Due to issues with our current PDF rendering system, we will be
pausing rendering for the book creator for the time being, until we
can identify a proper solution.  More information can be found on the
project page. [3]
* We have been planning and making roadmap updates for the updated
mobile website project. [4]

=== Reading Infrastructure ===
* Reading Lists have been announced to the Wikipedia projects. [5] [6]

=== New Readers ===
* New Reader updates can be found at Meta. [7]

=== Multimedia ===
* In preparation for 3D object files on commons a short 30 minute
read-only period for Commons will happen on October 11th. [8]
* Community feedback is wanted on an update to the upload process on
Commons for 3D objects [9]

=== Discovery ===
The Discovery team provides weekly updates. Here are their updates for
the month.
* 2017-09-11 [10]
* 2017-09-18 [11]
* 2017-09-25 [12]




The archive of all past updates can be found on

Chris Koerner
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Wikimedia Foundation

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