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[GNC] Gerald Weber
Hi all,

we were forces to reinstall one of our webservers which contained
a mediawiki 1.5.0 installation using mysql for storage.
The Database was saved using mysqlhotcopy every day with a cronjob.

After reinstalling all services,i copied back to wikidb to the mysql
data dir...surfing to the webpage of our wiki gave me a "cannot find
wikidb.pages" error.

i realized that the installation missed 4 files:
(well,only the .frm files where in the directory,.MYD and .MYI were gone..)


all other tables are correct.

As i understand the structure of wiki,the text of the pages is stored in
the "text" table and page and pagelinks.

Is there a way to recover our wiki using the text table (and other
tables if necessary) ?

I really don't have a clue why mysqlhotcopy missed the .MYD and .MYI files.

any ideas ?

thanks for help,

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