Reminder: SAW 2009, LNBIP proceedings, deadline: Feb 1 2009

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Reminder: SAW 2009, LNBIP proceedings, deadline: Feb 1 2009

Dominik Flejter
                             CALL FOR PAPERS

          3rd Workshop on Social Aspects of the Web  (SAW 2009)
                           in conjunction with
12th International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS 2009)

                             Poznan, Poland
                         April 27, 28 or 29, 2009


               Deadline for submissions: February 1, 2009


In recent years, the Web has moved from a simple one-way communication
channel, extending traditional media, to a complex "peer-to-peer"
communication space with a blurred author/audience distinction and new
ways to create, share, and use knowledge in a social way.

This change of paradigm is currently profoundly transforming most areas
of our life: our interactions with other people, our relationships, ways
of gathering information, ways of developing social norms, opinions,
attitudes and even legal aspects, as well as ways of working and doing

The change also raises a strong need for theoretical, empirical and
applied studies related to how people may interact on the Web, how they
actually do so, and what new possibilities and challenges are emerging
in the social, business and technology dimensions.

Following the two previous events, the goal of the 3rd Workshop is to
bring researchers and practitioners together to explore the issues and
challenges related to social aspects of the Web.



* People on the social Web
    * Individuals on the Web (identity, privacy, incentives, activity
      models, trust and reputation, ...)
    * Communities on the Web (roles, leadership, social norms and
      conflicts, types of communities, ...)
    * Collaboration on the Web (content and data development and
      maintenance, decision taking  ...)
    * On-line and off-line life (mixed interaction models, on-line vs.
      off-line communities, ... )
    * Business activities in the social Web (sales, exchanges,
      word-of-mouth, recruiting, marketing, ...)
* Data and content on the social Web
    * Social content organization (tagging, classification,
      recommendations, collaborative filtering, ...)
    * Content dynamics (content flow and evolution, mashups, comments,
      collaborative creation, ...)
    * Semantic social Web (standards, annotation of social content/data,
      ontology learning, ...)
    * Data and social network portability (standards, policies,
      technologies, licenses, ...)
* Social software and services
    * Specific types of social software (social networks, blogs, wikis,
      resources sharing, ...)
    * Development (architectures, technologies, platforms,
      infrastructures, ...)
    * Adoption (critical mass problem, socio-technical gap, data and
      social network migration, ...)
    * Alternative user interaction models (games, mobile, mixed reality,
    * Social software in the enterprise (knowledge management, CRM,
      collaborative software, ...)
    * Business models of social services (pricing, cost models, customer
      relation, content acquisition, ...)
* Mining the social Web
    * Mining user-generated content (opinion, comments, rankings, forums,
    * Mining the social graph (collaborative filtering, social network
      analysis, ...)
    * Mining activity patterns (access, used features, participation,
      interactions, ...)
    * Entity-centric content integration (on people, experts, objects,
      companies, locations, ...)
    * Social Web mining in business (for marketing, products design,
      customer support, ...)


* Long papers: max. 12 pages
* Work-in-progress reports: max. 6 pages
* Demo papers: max. 4 pages

Papers must be submitted in PDF format according to Springer LNBIP
template available from

Submission system is available at

Papers approved for presentation at SAW 2009 will be published in BIS
2009 workshop proceedings, as a volume in Springer's Lecture Notes in
Business Information Processing (LNBIP) series.

All authors of accepted papers as well as other participants will be
asked to read accepted papers abstracts before the workshop (papers will
be available on-line in advance) to facilitate discussion.
Workshop participants will be also invited to take part in the BIS
conference and other BIS workshops.

* February 1, 2009 - submission deadline for papers
* February 22, 2009 - notification of acceptance/rejection
* March 15, 2009 - submission of final papers
* April 27, 28 or 29, 2009 - the workshop


* Poznan University of Economics, Department of Information Systems


* Dominik Flejter
* Tomasz Kaczmarek
* Marek Kowalkiewicz


* Krisztian Balog, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
* Simone Braun, FZI Karlsruhe, Germany
* John Breslin, DERI, NUI Galway, Ireland
* Tanguy Coenen, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
* Sebastian Dietzold, University of Leipzig, Germany
* Davide Eynard, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
* Dominik Flejter, Poznan University of Economics, Poland
* Adam Jatowt, Kyoto University, Japan
* Tomasz Kaczmarek, Poznan University of Economics, Poland
* Marek Kowalkiewicz, SAP Research Brisbane, Australia
* Marcin Paprzycki, Polish Academy of Science, Poland
* Katharina Siorpaes, STI, University of Innsbruck, Austria
* Jie Tang, Tshingua University, China
* Celine van Damme, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
* Valentin Zacharias, FZI Karlsruhe, Germany


Dominik Flejter < >
Poznan University of Economics
Department of Information Systems < >
SAW 2009 PC Chair

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