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Reminder: Tools only on Tool Labs from July 1

charles andrès
Pour rappel le Toolserver fermera le 30 juin!



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Please spread the word: Tools only on Tool Labs from July 1

About one year ago, we, Wikimedia Deutschland e. V., announced June
30th as the deadline of the Toolserver migration (Roadmap at [1]).
This deadline is approaching. The Toolserver will stop working on June
30th. What will happen afterwards?

Background information
The Toolserver is a community based infrastructure that hosts software
supporting Wikipedia and its sister projects. Over the years many
active volunteers have developed helpful and great software tools that
are running on several Wikimedia projects.
The Toolserver is operated by Wikimedia Deutschland with assistance
from the Wikimedia Foundation and several chapters. For many reasons,
the Toolserver will be discontinued and replaced by Tool Labs [2], a
platform operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. Please see the reasons
at [3]. For more than one year Wikimedia Deutschland has been
coordinating the migration of software tools from Toolserver to Tool

What editors should know
The toolserver is a community-driven project. The tools shall be
migrated by the developers resp. maintainers themselves. Many of them
have already migrated their tools or have indicated that they will do
so before the end of this month. We have a special agreement with the
OpenStreetMap projects and with the developer of Merlbot [4] to ensure
these tools don’t stop working. All other tools will stop working by
July 1st.

What editors can do
On Tool Labs [2], you can look up if the tools that you use and need
have already moved there.
Talk to the developers of your favourite tools: It is important to
let them know how much you appreciate their tools and that you need
them to do your work.
Contact us if you don’t know who these developers are or if you have
any questions or if you want us to forward wishes or requests to tool
developers. Contact information is given at the end of this text.

Information for tool developers
If you are still facing the migration of your tools, please keep in
mind that lots of people use your tools. They are a great support for
their daily work and will be missed when they fail. Please take the
time to migrate them or poke us: WMDE can still support you during
migration - what we can’t do is maintain abandoned tools in the long
From July 1st on, the toolserver admins will still hand you over your
backups upon request and create redirects to Tool Labs for you. You
won’t be able to log in to the toolserver anymore though.
If anyone wants to have and reuse other people’s code, we recommend to
seek approval from them directly, even if from a legal point of view
there is no problem. Don’t hesitate to talk to us if you need a
contact person.

Here is a collection of the relevant links for you again:

Tool Labs:
Tool Labs help pages:
How to create redirects to Tool Labs:
Magnus Manske’s migration manual:
Scripts to clean up your toolserver account]] after migration:
Mailing list Labs-l:
IRC channel #wikimedia-labs:
Marc-André Pelletier (Coren) and Andrew Bogott (andrewbogott) are the
WMF Tool Labs ops. Petr Bena (petan) and Tim Landscheidt (scfc_de) are
voluntary Tool Labs admins.

We invite you to join our IRC office hour in #wikimedia-office on
Wednesday, June 11th, at 5 p.m. UTC.

The migration is coordinated by Silke Meyer (WMDE). Birgit Müller
supports her in communications. The two toolserver admins Marlen
Caemmerer und Alexander Mette are glad to help you with advice.
Marc-André Pelletier can answer all questions concerning Tool Labs.
Contact us at
Silke: [hidden email], Talk page at [5], IRC: Silke_WMDE
Birgit: [hidden email], Talk page at [6], IRC: Birgit_WMDE

We hope that the transition will happen as smoothly as possible!


Birgit Müller
Team Communitys

Community Liaison
Volunteer Support Department

E-Mail: [hidden email]

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. | Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24 | 10963 Berlin
Tel. (030) 219 158 26-0

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Wissens frei teilhaben kann. Helfen Sie uns dabei!

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