Report from Wikimedia CH's general assembly

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Report from Wikimedia CH's general assembly

Michael Bimmler
this weekend Wikimedia CH turned 1 and had its first general (members) assembly.
For those of you who understand German, the minutes are at
We will try to translate it into English somewhen soon but this can
still take some time.

Summary of the meeting:

* We changed some details of our bylaws due to an advice of the Tax
office (to emphasize our charity status)
* Ilario Valdelli resigned the presidency but remains on the board.
The new president is Michael Bimmler.
* Jürg Wolf resigned from the board. His successor is Nando Stöcklin
(Napa), who is best known as Swiss Wikipedia press contact.

The personnel changes take effect 60 days after the assembly.

We had interesting discussions about the past and future Wikipedia
days and our web presence as well as Wikimedia CH's activities in its
first year.
We were happy to have Emmanuel Engelhart from Wikimédia France as a
guest, who gave a little presentation about Wikimédia France and the
Wikipedia 0.5/Linterweb project.


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