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Request for comment on Wikitrace

mathieu lovato stumpf guntz
Hello everybody,

The Wikitrace project aims at gathering a perinially acknowledged
community of lexicologists around a relational lexicological data bank
and related consultation services.

This project find its root in members of the TWUG willing to provide
services around Wiktionaries which can hardly be provided direcly by the
Wikitionary instances themselves, especially when it comes to cross data
relations within and between Wiktionary instances.

Concretely the roadmap so far include :

  * create a Wikibase instance to host the data bank
  * integrate Wiktionary dumps in the instance
  * build querying external services for
  * make the database queriable from Wiktionaris and Wikimedia projects

You are kindly invited to make all your feedbacks on the dedicated RFC
thread of the project talk page:


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