Request for one sentence translation, especially for for Urdu and Swedish

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Request for one sentence translation, especially for for Urdu and Swedish

Pine W
Hello translators,

You might be familiar with the "What's making you happy this week?" threads from Wikimedia-l, such as this one, and/or the related article in The Signpost. So far I have mostly used automated translations. I would like to request your assistance with translating the sentence, "What's making you happy this week?". I made the request on this page:

I would appreciate having translations for Urdu and Swedish within the next few days so that the upcoming issue of The Signpost can have those translations. There is no rush for other languages, but ideally there would eventually be translations for all languages in which there are Wikipedias.

I hope that I am making this request correctly. I am not a translation administrator so the request has not yet been marked for translation. If that hinders you from making translations, particularly for Urdu and Swedish, then I would be appreciative if you would leave translations on the talk page along with a note in English which communicates the language of the translation. I hope that the request will be marked for translation in the near future.

If there are any problems then please let me know by sending me a {{ping}} on the talk page or sending me an email.

Thank you very much,

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