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Request for participation: Patch Triage

Mukunda Modell
The code review working group has been discussing ideas for how to
encourage more / better code reviews for Wikimedia code.

One idea that we are exploring[1] is something we tried previously which
was called "Code review office hours." This was a weekly scheduled IRC
meeting attended by code reviewers. The previous incarnation was a minor
success but eventually interest petered out and we canceled the scheduled

So in bringing back the code review meetings, we want to try something a
bit different. A couple of ideas proposed so far:

* Have more focused meetings around specific parts of the code base or
specific features.
* Rebrand as "Patch triage" and focus more on an initial code
review/feedback on new patches rather than focusing on merging as we did

I'm writing this to raise awareness and encourage participation, as well as
feedback about the current proposals. We won't be successful without
participation from code reviewers as well as code contributors so your
feedback and participation are important and appreciated. If this interests
you, please join the discussion on the Phabricator taskl[1].

1. T229512 "Review and refine the Code Review Office Hours model of
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