Research, knowledge gaps, knowledge integrity, and Wikimania

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Research, knowledge gaps, knowledge integrity, and Wikimania

Leila Zia
Hi all,

We, myself plus cc-ed, are looking forward to seeing and meeting many
of you in Wikimania starting in some hours. While many meetings and
conversations will organically happen during the coming days, I'd like
to bring your attention to two more formal opportunities for us to
interact with you. We do ask you [1] to join us if you're interested.

* Hackathon days: Research has a focus area. You can read more about
it at The
focus area is NOT going to be focused on technical research and
development only. We are especially hoping to hear from you, as
volunteers and staff of chapters and Wikimedia affiliates, about the
challenges you're facing and work with you to see if we can turn them
to research questions. You do not need, at all, to know about research
to talk with us about the challenges you see ahead of you and/or us as
a Movement.

* The State of Research in Knowledge Gaps [2] on Saturday, July 21,
10:30-11:30. This will be a workshop where we give you an overview of
the problems related to Knowledge Gaps that we can solve today, and
those that are ahead of us. We will specifically talk about content
gaps, readership needs and gaps, and editor diversity.

If you want to talk with us on a more 1:1 basis and these time-slots
won't work for you: no worries, just send me an email and we will do
our best to find a common time with you.

Looking forward to learning with you and from you.



Leila Zia
Senior Research Scientist, Lead
Wikimedia Foundation

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