Revert Database from v1.5 to 1.4

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Revert Database from v1.5 to 1.4

I'm wondering if its at all possible to revert a Wiki database from a
1.5.x version to a 1.4.x?

When I upgraded to 1.5 my server began to crash daily (it seems to start
spawning dozens of httpd processes which use up all memory quickly and
make the server not respond to any requests). While I'm not 100% sure
upgrading to 1.5 is the root cause, I'm just checking my options...if
its not possible, or very difficult to revert back to 1.4 I might as
well not consider it a possibility.

I did try just running a 1.4 Wiki with a 1.5 database but it doesn't
seem to like any page updated with the 1.5 Wiki. I'm fine if I have to
lose the history on any page modified with 1.5, I'm mainly concerned
with just getting the article texts.

I know the best solution would be to find and fix the root cause of the
crashes, but my time is limited and I have little experience debugging
things on Unix systems.


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