[SF] Version 2.5.2: Javascript overhaul, "add instance above" button, SMW 1.9 support, etc.

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[SF] Version 2.5.2: Javascript overhaul, "add instance above" button, SMW 1.9 support, etc.

Yaron Koren-2
Hi all,

Version 2.5.2 of Semantic Forms has been released (finally!). This version
has the following changes and additions:

- The Semantic Forms code has for a long time used the Sajax Javascript
library, which was the default JS library used in MediaWiki until it was
replaced by jQuery. Sajax is now deprecated, and in this version the use of
Sajax was finally removed. In addition, some of the other Javascript
functionality was improved and streamlined, especially code for #autoedit
and the preview functionality. Thanks to Stephan Gambke for this important

- The interface was improved for editing multiple-instance templates: every
instance now has an "add instance above" button, to make it easier to add
in additional instances when there are already a large number in the form;
this is something that people had asked about for a long time. Also, the
"remove" button was turned into an icon, to make for a more consistent

- There is handling for the removal of the String property type in Semantic
MediaWiki 1.9: now, if you use a version of SMW where there's no String
type, properties of the Text type default to having the "text" input,
instead of the "textarea" input like before.

- The code for remote autocompletion was fixed to work with SMW's SQLStore3.

- A new parameter, "use dropdown", was added for the "category" input type,
that displays the values in a (hierarchical-looking) dropdown, rather than
a tree of radiobutton values.

- A new parameter, "placeholder", was added for #forminput, that sets
placeholder text, contributed by Stephan Gambke.

- A new parameter, "new window", was added for #formlink and
#queryformlink, which opens the form in a new tab or window, again
contributed by Stephan.

- Support was removed for Semantic MediaWiki versions 1.4 and 1.5.

- Support was also removed for the now-abandoned FCKeditor extension and
related extensions, like WYSIWYG.

- Handling of inputs in multiple-instance templates was improved, which
fixed a problem in having the "regexp" input (from Semantic Forms Inputs)
in a multiple-instance template; thanks again to Stephan for this fix.

- Handling was fixed for field values that begin with a "$".

- There were some fixes to the handling of Semantic Forms-related values in
the Page Schemas extension's "EditSchema" page.

- There were various other PHP and Javascript fixes and improvements.
Thanks to Stephan, Jeroen De Dauw, Toni Hermoso Pulido, Niklas Laxström,
Pavel Astakhov, Dereckson, kghbln and Siebrand Mazeland for many of these

You can read more about Semantic Forms, and download the new version, here:



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