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[SF] Version 2.5: overhaul of helper forms, etc.

Yaron Koren-2
Hi everyone,

I haven't done one of these in a while! The last version of Semantic Forms,
2.4.2, came out five months ago. This is by far the longest gap between SF
versions - which is hopefully a sign that major bugs in the code are
currently rare.

Changes and additions in this version include:

- The helper forms for forms, templates, properties and categories can now
be used directly at those pages. If you go to a new page, i.e. one that
doesn't yet exist, in the Form:, Template:, Property: or Category:
namespace, you should see a tab there reading "Create with form", that, if
you click on it, displays the helper form for that type of page, letting
you create the page directly there. You can see an example of this here:


This should hopefully make the process of initially creating these pages a
little smoother. (These tabs, by the way, can be removed for template and
category pages by adding "sfgShowTabsForAllHelperForms = false;" to

- The interface for Special:CreateClass, the helper page that creates all
the page types at once, has been (hopefully) improved - it now makes it
clearer which values relate to the property, and which relate to the
template field that holds that property. It also lets you create a
multiple-instance template, which won't have a form or category
corresponding to it. You can see the modified interface here:


- The pages Special:CreateTemplate and Special:CreateClass now give more
options for the format of the generated template. It used to be just a side
infobox and an infobox that takes up the whole page; now you can also do
sections, and plain text. The "Sections" format contains wikitext like this:

==Field display name==
{{{Field name|}}}

...and here's an example of wikitext for the "Plain text" format:

'''Field display name:''' {{{Field name|}}}

I'm curious to see how often these get used. I personally have in many
cases manually modified templates to have field headers as section headers,
so the "Sections" format will at least be helpful for me.

- The pages Special:Forms and Special:Templates no longer link to
Special:CreateForm and Special:CreateTemplate, respectively, since those
pages are now less important.

- The handling of non-Latin characters in file names, when using the SF
upload feature, has always been a problem, but it was improved - I had
previously added in a fix that actually made the handling worse, so I
removed it. Now, as far as I know, it's only a problem on Internet Explorer.

- There was a bug in the handling of #forminput, which added "noindex" and
"nofollow" tags to the HTML for any page that contained #forminput - which
meant that any page that contained a #forminput call was not indexed by
search engines. It's too bad that it took this long to discover... thanks
to Tosfos for the fix.

- The "watch" standard input, which sets the "Watch this page" checkbox,
can now be checked by default using the new "checked" parameter - thanks
to Vladimir Kostyukov for the patch.

- The "Creates pages with form" feature, which creates red-linked pages
automatically, unfortunately recorded the username or IP address of the
person viewing the red link as the author of that page - which could lead
to both confusion and a violation of privacy. Administrators can now set a
username to store as the author of all such pages, using the new global
variable, $sfgAutoCreateUser.

- "show on select" for radiobuttons in multiple-instance templates didn't
initialize correctly; that's now fixed.

- For compatibility with future versions of MediaWiki, usage of the
now-deprecated $wgUser global variable was removed - thanks to Siebrand
Mazeland and Jeroen De Dauw for help with that one. And calls to the
deprecated wfMsg() were replaced with wfMessage() - thanks a lot to
Siebrand again.

- There were various other smaller fixes and improvements, contributed by
myself, Siebrand, Jeroen, Chris Steipp, Mike Cariaso, Chris Davis,
MWJames, Niklas Laxström and TomyLee.

You can read more about Semantic Forms, and download it, here:


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